Finnish Centre Youth

The Finnish Centre Youth (FCY) is a political youth organization.  It is the youth league of the Finnish Centre Party. The age limit is 15 - 30 years. FCY was founded in 1945. FCY has about 11 000 members all around Finland. FCY has 18 districts and about 400 local organizations. 

The highest decision making body of the organization is the Congress which meets every year. Every other year, it elects the President, two Vice Presidents and half of the board. The other half of the board is elected every other year. The board leads the day to day work in FCY. FCY has also several committees as expert bodies.

FCY publishes a magazine called Nuori Keskusta. It comes out four times a year.

Principles and aims FCY is striving for is a centre-liberal society. We want to set free the creative forces of man to be used in self initiative and new entrepreneurship. The new society will guarantee the intellectual freedom. In this way we will remove some difficult problems in the society and prevent new social evils from arising.

The centre-liberal society is based on liberty, equality and fraternity. The centre liberals strive for a socially just and ecologically sustainable citizen society. Extending the green environmental point of view to cover all the areas in the society is one of the most important questions in FCY.

On a international level FCY is part of international liberal movement. FCY is a full member of the International Federation of Liberal Youth (IFLRY), European Liberal Youth (LYMEC) and Nordic Centre Party Youth as well as many national internationally-minded organizations.